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The French company Options Group acquires GreatHire Ltd.

Press Release


Date: 9th December 2019

France’s leading independent tableware and furniture hire company OPTIONS has acquired UK furniture hire specialist GreatHire Ltd; the deal was originated for the acquirer by British-based M&A advisors Beaumonde Consulting.   

Founded in 1981 in Paris, Options is a European leader in tableware and furniture hire. Today Options has more than 800 employees located in 23 offices across France and Europe. Options GB has already been trading in the UK for 10 years and is situated on the outskirts of London in a modern 30,000 ft 2 warehouse from where it offers a high-quality tableware and furniture offering to clients organising events, dinners & parties.

GreatHire is a leading premium furniture rental provider for the UK’s smartest events, including weddings, corporate and PR events and even State visits. A well-established and respected brand in the UK for over 10 years.

Deal rationale

Options and GreatHire have decided to join together to create a new company; one that will combine GreatHire’s fabulous range of Furniture and Options’ beautiful tableware offering together under one umbrella. Both companies are respective leaders in their own fields with both offering a broad and high-end offering to the market. Aundrea Insinna and Bernard Aherne, managing directors of GreatHire and Options respectively, are hugely excited by the incredible offering they will now be able to bring to each of their clients, and the synergies both companies can now tap into.

Deal structure

The transaction is a 100% acquisition by Options of GreatHire’s share capital in the UK.

Beaumonde (Sarah Rees) acted as corporate finance advisor to OPTIONS and originated the deal, initially finding GreatHire as part of its extensive market research across the UK, making the first approach then successfully negotiating a deal, with legal advice from Alexandre Terrasse at Edwin Coe LLP.



Beaumonde is an international M&A advisor, specialising in finding new market opportunities and M&A advisory services on behalf of large European Groups.  Founded in the UK in 1995, the firm is headquartered near London UK, and has offices across the continent, including Paris and Milan.

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You can download the full press release here.

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