Our aim is an efficient executive search that can demonstrate our dedication to the project and deliver not only excellent candidates but an excellent experience.

We see research as a key differentiator. We also see the real benefit that comes from the fact that all projects are led by seasoned professionals who have come from a number of industries and can really talk the talk.
What we do

With many years’ experience in Executive Search we know that finding the right person with the skills and cultural fit to assume a leadership role in your company is a daunting task. We can break this down into manageable chunks to tell you where we think talent may be hiding:

How to access good people

(who will be too busy being successful elsewhere to call you)

End-to-end project management

We can manage the end-to-end project so you only have to meet the top people in your market and not plough through hundreds of CVs.

We work on senior appointments that bring impact in any industry from Managing Director to Head of Digital Enablement to CFO via HR. We have placed people across Europe, the US, Australia and parts of the Middle East.

Our process

Executive search process 1

1. Role Definition

Executive search process 2

2. Research

Executive search process 3

3. Talent attraction and screening

Executive process 4

4. Employment contract definition and negotiation

Our Clients are our first Priority

We come to Beaumonde time and time again for our senior executive placements in Europe, it’s a process we can trust and we value their opinion

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